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Business Brokers of Florida

Business Brokers of Florida is a non profit association made up of the leading business brokerage companies and agents throughout the state of Florida. It is the largest state business broker association in the country, and the second largest association of business brokers in the world.
Members of BBF must demonstrate their expertise and ability in business brokerage when applying for membership. Once accepted as a member they must adhere to a strict code of ethics.

In addition to business brokers other members of the association include leading attorneys specializing in business closings, accountants, financial planners, appraisers and various financial institutions specializing in business loans.

Currently there are five districts in the state of Florida:

North Florida / Central Florida / Tampa Bay / South West Florida / South Florida

Each district, with exception of the South West district which is currently under the direction of the Tampa Bay district, has its own officers and directors which governs the local area and enforces the BBF Policies, rules and regulations to its members. Each district sends representatives to be members of the state executive committee (which elects the state officers) from the committee members. The state executive committee operates under the association by laws, and is the administrative board of the association.

Currently the association has more than 1,400 members, has over 4,000 listings and maintains a database of over 16,000 sold businesses for market data comparisons.

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